Rot Repair
Rot is a very common problem in old windows, especially if they have not been looked after. Failure of the paintwork allows water to saturate the timber creating ideal conditions for fungus and woodworm. The most common area of rot development is in the bottom part of the window. We replace sills and bottom rails in hardwood and smaller scarfings are bonded with a flexible adhesive. Anti-fungal primer is then applied to newly exposed surfaces.

Replacement windows
If a window is beyond repair we refer you to a good local joiner who will pay particular attention to matching the original detail of the woodwork. This is very important where glazing bars are concerned as the wrong shape can spoil the overall look of the window.

We undertake putty repairs using our flexible acrylic system. Broken panes can be replaced or upgraded using the appropriate glass, taking care to abide by the necessary building regulations.

All exposed timber surfaces are painted with an antifungal primer.