Will I be left with a gaping hole?
No, even if the windows are unfinished at the end of a day they will still be fixed into the frame.

Can you do the work in the winter?
Yes, we have a system which allows us to work all year round. This does not comprimise the quality of the work. We also work on one window at a time so that it doesnt get too cold.

What area do you cover?
We usually undertake work within a 10 mile drive from Exeter.

What do I need to do before you arrive to start the work?
We would ask you to clear any valuables near the windows and remove curtains or blinds for improved access.

How disruptive will to work be?
The floor and furniture will be covered with dustsheets. The sashes will be reinstated at the end of each day and we will take care to leave the site tidy. Having said this it may still get a little dusty and noisy at times.

How long will the work take?
This really depends on the nature of the job but you will have a much clearer idea at the quotation stage.